Quantity is about how much we need for our daily needs. It’s about the barometer with all the indications between too little and too much. Where Ghandi said: “there’s enough for everybody’s needs but never enough for anyone’s greed…”

What do we Need?

It’s about asking questions from dividing the labour to dividing the production. It’s about income. But as simple as it sounds the discussions have just begun about basic income and what about the extremes at the upper side of the scale. More and more everybody is thinking and talking about income, about the first Millenium Development Goal of eradicating poverty. But also about income in general – in fact the discussions have switched from producers to consumers, to everybody!

Quality, Quantity and Income

Somewhere in between we shall see the solutions in the coming years. In the same way that all kinds of social systems were developed including young old and sick people we could expect all kinds of thoughts about realistic income for everyone worldwide. For everybody a reasonable way of living must be possible because nature is for us all. So we should say: a REASON-able income is a right! It is a question between consumers! More and more consumer-initiatives are taken worldwide to think about new ways how to live together on this one-and-only planet! Beyond charity everybody is not only talking about fair trade, but also about sharing (basic) incomes, directly and via taxes.

Twelve necessities of Life

As dividing is a question between people, the daily needs themselves we only can judge ourself! What do we need, what do we really need? A complex of twelve necessaries of life, thus only twelve questions! What do we need for food, housing, education, transport, communication, etcetera? And to be realistic: including what we need for our addictions, our hobbies and collections, for our “greeds”. If there is enough room for all the extra’s depends of course on what is left after everybody has his / her basic income cq reasonable income.

Dialogue, Prepay and Guarantees

The translation for the quantities that are to be produced in the end can be done by consumer organizations. Producers can then calculate how much production will be realistic according to different qualities and prices. If the consumer-producer relations are also confirmed by subscriptions, prepaid, consumer-owned inventories or consumer guarantees, producers can work without fear that they are alone in taking all the risks. Many banks already accept for this reason lower risk-percentages and less bankruptcies are the result.

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