Quality of life is starting point for every decisionmaking process! Our everyday’s choises in quality of products and sevices and all other aspects are derived from that one-and-only wish we have to improve our wellbeing with every next step.

What is Quality?

Although we often make different decisions in different circumstances, in our heart we feel always that same feeling as pilots in the history of flying always said: faster higher further! But also “le Petit Prince” said to the famous aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery: only with your heart you can really listen! And that’s about “inner” quality. Because so many things are about qualities you can’t see but are real! For instance taste, sphere, composition, situation, but also for instance aspects of planetary influences on food in the same way as sun and moon are relevant for growing crops and fruits! Quality has also to do with time and space and with the possibilities we have to buy one thing or another. Quality can be a composition of many aspects but in the end it is our well-being which is the last check. In other words: the quality of OUR life!!

Quality of Products and Services

For consumer organizations as for producers as well quality is also an aspect of statistics because mass production means thinking about what is the expected degree in quality for most of the consumers? Although in combination with production in modules, extra service and help(desks) a kind of tailormade endresult is possible, choises are to be made even before starting up research and development of new products and services.

Quality Development in Dialogue

More and more we can see that consumer organizations are doing the “bottom-up” marketing by collecting the questions! In fact working in an economy of questions and answers. In the dialogue between producers and consumers, between productdevelopers and consumerorganizations, between retailers, service and packaging etc etc, in fact in the dialogue throughout the whole chain from idea or nature to product, sculpture or culture as an impressive creative process is ongoing from version 1.0 and so on and so on untill something complete new is invented!

Consumer and Quality

A special remark must be made to the consumer him / herself! To enjoy the quality you chose for it is of course also important to read the userguides! Plus beyond those guides our own creativity plays a big role to MAKE the quality of life we wished ourselves! For instance in preparing food, in creating circumstances, in choosing and using! Everybody is an artist! (Joseph Beuys: Jeder Mensch ein Kunstler).

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