The 12 basic needs

From A to B for all consumers and all consumergoods worldwide is the workingfield of both WTO (world tourist organization) and WTO (world trade organization).

Because of the “hot” item of climate-change now more and more important to change habits and techniques of transport!

Since globalization began in the 15th century after Marco Polo and Columbus discovered the possibilities of travelling and trade the Dutch started up with the great shipping routes of the VOC to the East Indies, followed by the English Commonwealth worldwide and finally the US globalizing enterprises. Producing there where it is most needed, most efficient and of where the best quality is possible are the basic rules of all economy. And the discussions today about global versus local production, about debtrelease and microcredit, and about breaking down all kinds of barriers including copyrights to make the world a better place to live and to work are meant to reach better results for all consumers.

Although Ghandi said that there is enough for everybody’s needs but never enough for anyone’s greeds, even then we have to think about HOW we make our choises in products, services and travelling, with respect to nature and all the other people who are working for us. Local foodproduction, green energy and cradle2cradle production methods are important for intelligent transport to work towards natural sustainability. Tourism combined with exchange of knowledge and/or practical assistence can help the world towards social sustainability.

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