Science and research

The 12 basic needs

Knowing everything! After our education we have our books, tv, papers and magazines, libraries and internet, but also lectures and seminars to feed our knowledge. But also a lot of not-knowing about products and services, or even misleading information! In those cases we have to look further and sometimes need to contact consumer organizations. Or even asking universities to do the research for us.

Past, present and future

In fact all knowledge is already available although we don’t have “catched” all of it – yet. As mathematics was there before the scientists even started to think about it, and America was laying at the other side of the ocean before Columbus dis-covered it, we can understand that all the knowledge we have is in fact an ever growing part of the total cosmic knowledge about the past the present and the future … Whereas the past is visible in our history, the present is about all natural and spiritual laws and options, and the future is about possibilities and options only, our creativity at work from science to reality!

Starting in the 15th century natural sciences emerged and reached higher and higher levels untill today’s vast libraries of knowledge. But in its one-sided view to nature as a world of only matter that matters, it has to do steps forward now to higher forms of observation and understanding. To go parallel with the scientists we as consumers can for instance intensify our observations of plants to discover that there is more than matter alone! Or by observing characters of animals. Or by studying biographies of human beings we can even enter the world of spiritual sciences. Goethe as a great scientist showed us the way how to make those first steps to higher forms of knowledge (see below).

About the ‘inner’ quality

To understand the world around us in the 21st century and beyond we really need all possible know-how to repair the damage of the environment first, to understand the “inner” quality of products and services, and to work forward for a better wordl for all of us. For our quality of life!

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