Means / Money

The 12 basic needs

Money mirror of trade

Of all means and tools money is the only one which is completely neutral and used in all areas of daily life. In fact money is no more and no less than an administrationsystem of all trade between people worldwide. In fact we can choose to use shells, clay tablets, polaroid photo’s of all goods, gold, dollars or bankaccounts, or any alternative currency to give a “picture” of all products and services exchanged in the worldeconomy every day and every second. In practice it’s a little bit more complex than explained here, but the “core business” of money is to be the parallel and opposite accounting system to all trade.

Money and globalization

Only because of globalization money will get its utmost transparency when in a few years a world currency will be a reality. Accounting systems are already standardised in the IFRS rules, the stock exchanges of Wall Street and Euronext Amsterdam and the Asian markets will be one stockmarket in due time. When all countries of the world will agree in the new WTO rounds of international trade then only then also the new currency can start, whatever name we give it as Bancor, Worgl or Greenback …!

And when a world currency will be used also real prices and real incomes will be more visible, so that a better management is possible in transforming worldwide wealth into welfare for every world-consumer.

Qualities of money

Using our money as a tool for buying products and services is what we are used to do every day of the week when shopping or paying the bills. In fact we are paying for goods that are already made in the past, so with this kind of money we are paying off the past. When we save some money we are in facst financing the production of the goods and services which takes some time. And when we pay for schools (direct or via tax) end for science and research (via prices or taxes) we are financing the future producers and the future products! And whith all the innovations we produce the real “profit” which can be used best again for education and research to make the profit even higher every next round so that products and services become cheaper and smarter.

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