The 12 basic needs

The essence of education is helping a new worldcitizen to find and develop his/her own destination. Although self-education (autodidact) is in fact the basis because we have to do the learning ourselves, teaching can help us making progress much faster than by discovering the world step-by-step all by our own.

Especially the new pioneers in modern education discovered how the core-business of education is to be found in the creativeness of the human being itself. In the same way Joseph Beuys always told the whole world that “Everybody is an artist!”. When we give our children all the tools we can trust that they can create every other world they wish. Especially in this 21st century we now see that creativeness emerges around the world not only in all the networking, but also in product development, new organizations, and new ways to live and work together worldwide.

Alhough the quality of education became even better, also old and new problems have to be solved yet. Education for all (one of the UN Millennium Goals) is on its way in the developing countries. Sponsoring education can be correct thinking financially, but has to be in the form of free donations for real creativity. And governments must not regulate but facilitate. And of course parents have to give their children enough attention because there it all begins!

The most interesting development in the 21st century is Lifelong Learning! Introduced not only for making the businessworld more flexible and innovative, but also for the consumer/citizen to develop his/her own empowerment in co-creating the world of tomorrow! See for instance our website…

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