Association, society

The 12 basic needs

Where Meet&Greet is the first step in human relations, where active democracy is the basis for relations in a greater perpective, consumer associations are the organizing platforms in collecting all our economic needs of products and services, for all those things we asked other people to do for us. In the same way all other associations, clubs, sports and societies are organized also consumer organizations have members, annual reports and annual meetings to discuss the activities of past, present and future.

Practically we only have to follow the annual reports of twelve consumer organizations to have a complete managerial survey of all developments worldwide. And in reading those developments we can understand the whole “picture” by looking to the seven aspects of which Quality is of course the main item and goal of every product or service! Based on this simple scheme we can take our decisions what to buy or not to buy, which service to ask, which questions to ask, or decide yes or no to take action if necessary.

For the more general questions country-wide or worldwide there are the national consumer organizations (see the list in de PDF below or search on consumersinternational – members), the european organization in Brussels called BEUC (Bureau of European Consumers) and of course Consumers International in London.

PDF national consumer organizations…