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About the quality of life
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Assessing Information for Consumer Governance
Paper CCN Consumer Citizen Network
May 2008 Tallinn Estonia

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Bridge over the River Why
Consumer Arguments and Producers
Paper CCN Consumer Citizen Network
May 2007 Sofia Bulgaria
Consumer Citizenship Vol 3 / Building Bridges

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Consumer Governance
Consumers and consumer-organizations in action
Paper CCN Consumer Citizen Network (concept)
March 2009 Berlin

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housekeeping book in 12 columns

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In preparation:

Consumer freedom and responsibility
On our way in the 21st century
Peter Daub
most content already on our website
(dutch version see below)

Consument vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid
Op weg in de 21e eeuw
Peter Daub
Meander Foundation, Amsterdam 1998
ISBN 90-76206-01-5
70 pages / paperback

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In preparation:


lifelong learning e-course

consumer governance

  1. Introduction
  2. Economics is about consumers and producers
    Economics is about labourdifferentiation
    Consumers producers traders and bankers
    History of globalization
    Development of consumerorganizations
  3. Consumer governance in the 21st century
    Six billion consumers
    Economy of question and answer
    Logistics are the chains of integration
  4. To buy or not to buy
    Moneymanagement is time-management
    Spemding is paying off the past and living now
    Saving is financing your producers
    Subsidising the next generation producers and productinnovation
  5. Decisionmaking and the quality of life
    Quality quantity and price
    Guarantees and labelling
    Payment delivery and user guides
    Quality of life
  6. Our daily needs and greeds
    Information shopping and decisionmaking
    Fysical social and cultural producers
    Twelve consumerorganizations
    Consumer 360 overview
  7. Consumer organizations
    Economy of scale vs individual needs
    Information and dialogue
    Agreements orders and prepay
    Consumer authorities
  8. Logistics
    Economy of question and answer
    Information: Multi Channel Management
    Chain Management Consumer Banking Producer
    Chain Management Producer Trade Consumer
    Just in time
    Just in place
  9. Producers service and advisory
    Specialization by labourdifferentiation
  10. New developments
    Good governance
    New problems new solutions
    Consumer education
    Lifelong Learning



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