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Moneylender and his wife - Quentin Massys 1514 - Wikimedia Commons
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About Consumer360Museum

In the international week of the museum 2022 we came upon the idea to name our archive also museum!

WHY? Because 1980-2020 is now the complete story of the emancipation of the modern consumer and the birth of consumer governance into the 21st century. Most of the archive is available in the news archive on our website and so open for everyone worldwide! As a real museum! The smallest museum about the biggest issues! About the single consumer in the great universe!

HOW? A complete website about consumer governance, about all information a consumer needs today. With e-book, video presentation, toolkit for schools, and a money-manager for all daily expenditures. A library with 5000+ books, an archive with 100.000+ articles from daily papers and from magazines.

WHAT? It is also the complete biography of a consumer working towards the 21st century of maturity. As consumer, citizen and co-creator. And last but not least as human being!

A museum is by definition always about art and/or science. The Consumer360Museum is about science by artistic presentations. Using projective geometry, storytelling, dialogue or working with each other in circles, moneymanager and libraries, archives and emails sorting in the same way as the universe around us and creative in details. In other words: a museum about work in progress. About the consumer/citizen/co-creator starting his/her way into the 21st century! In other words about the WorldWideWeb360 of information, communication, trade, service and production.

So: Follow the money!