World Conferences 2020 2021

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20200630 ENERGY GLOBE AWARDS Cerenomy for Sustainability Awards (Vienna Austria)
20200921 UNITED NATIONS 75 YEARS Celebration (New York USA)
20201005 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL World Teachers Day
20210106 WORLD SOCIAL FORUM Annual Conference Week (Mexico City Mexico)
20210126 WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Annual Meeting (Davos Switzerland)
20210301 GABV Global Alliance for Banking in Values Annual Meeting (Dhaka Bangladesh)
20210315 CONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL World Consumer Rights Day (1962 Speech Kennedy)
20210320 UNITED NATIONS International Day of Happiness
20210401 CIVICUS International Civil Society Week (Asian country)
20210508 WFTO World Fair Trade Day
20210517 UNESCO Conference Education for Sustainable Development (Berlin Germany)
20210520 World Bee Day
20210601 Energy Globe Awards Cerenomy for Sustainability (Vienna Austria)
20210908 IFOAM Organic World Congress (Rennes France)
20211005 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL World Teachers Day
20221004 IFHE World Home Economics Congress (Atlanta USA)

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