To buy or not to buy

Looking at which directions our money can go we can choose between three options: spend, save or subsidize.

Spending by buying is paying for the goods which are already produced, so we are financing the past. When we save our money for later opportunities and keep it in today’s saving account, we are in fact making new initiatives possible (saving – investing – repay – and cash again one day). Or we subsidize the future when we finance schools and research, which is in fact financing our new producers and new products! So spending saving and subsidizing are the three options to choose: finance the past, the present or the future.



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Life(s)Long Learning

*) Based on the book Konsument Vrijheid en Verantwoordelijkheid (Consumer Freedom and Responsibility)
Peter Daub 1998 ISBN 90-76206-01-5. Peter studied management and accountancy and in 1980 he was a co-founder of Triodos Bank for sustainable and responsible consumption and production.
Since 2001 he is founder and chairman of Consumer360Academy.

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