Welcome in the world of the consumer!
That’s you! isn’t it? Who else could it be?

But what is so interesting to tell about?





Well this: every euro yen or dollar starts a new round when we take a decision to spend our money. When we are buying, saving and investing or financing future of education or science. Money for past, actual or future production. For yesterday, today or tomorrow. That is daily economy!


Consumer Governance!

Enjoy this website as a excursion through the world of the consumer / citizen / creator. Co-creator of the world today and tomorrow!

Like the cosmos, the zodiac and the planets the world economy can be recognized with twelve necessities of life and seven aspects in the dialogue consumer-producer. Where trade and money are the tools to fulfill the transport of the goods or services and the transfer of the money.

Read through the many pages and discover all the details and the big picture. Look around which tools you can use for arranging all your books, articles, emails …….. and your money in the simplest cashbook of expenditures: the MoneyManager360.

And look around the News / Archive to find the big steps made by the world of consumers in the years 1980 – 2020 the emancipation of the consumer of the 21st century. That’s you!

Peter Daub