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Work in Progress – Another World Under Construction

Many papers and magazins are reporting about the new generation which is willing to take action to change the world into sustainability and responsibility, transparency and equality. Willing to take the lead of their own future!

Although worldwide most noses are pointing into the same direction it is not easy to change the world in one day! But after so many years of research, dialogue and experiences we have to make up our minds and take decisions.

What about a to-do list for consumers? That is us! Taking economical decisions every day choosing what we need. Making our decisions mostly as a routine. But when making choices about to change something we always have to read and talk a lot, to calculate and/or think about moral issues, to doubt again and again before taking our final decisions.

For exchange knowledge and experience there are many different “circles” of people talking about many different issues. Groups of consumers, citizens or co-creators (depending on the role one is acting) are discussing about issues of common interest. Consumers around a shop, people around a center for medicare, parents around the school of their children, citizens around politicians, or co-creators around an academy for the arts or a circle of people around a theatre or museum. According to the research 1980-1987 on which this website is built we can recognize twelve types of “consumer circles” in which we are in dialogue with each other but especially with our “producer”.

But to exchange knowledge and experiences about our role of consumer as a consumer we need a thirteenth circle as a platform for dialogue. To talk not about our relation to the world around us but to the world within us! In opposition with the consumer circles and consumer unions in the outer world we have to look to the inner world of our role of consumer. And not only to home economics which is in fact about the family life but to our own role in the world as a consumer. And not only talking about sustainability but about everything, about all twelve necessities of life.

That is what this website is all about as a basis for home economics and for consumer circles as well. Knowing all about who I am, what I feel atracted to, and what I really need to have to live my life is the starting point for all the other dialogues.

To start the “inner circle” which we are ourselves, we can study the content of this website as a basis for our own thoughts, our own arguments, our own decisions. Then only then we are also 100% prepared for all other dialogues. Changing the world is starting from ourselves, from our own insights, motivation, and true needs (plus more for fun).

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