Steering into the 21st Century
Consumer Freedom and Responsibility

Towards an economy of question and answer

The Free Consumers Association (Vrije Consumenten Vereniging) is a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences between consumers of the 21st century.

Consumers who feel responsibility for their purchases, for the environment and for their relations with producers. Especially a platform for latest developments and new initiatives for sustainable products and services, fair trade and mutual respect in a globalising world, for 'consumer governance' in general! In the world economy there are producers and consumers, and traders and banks to connect those two. As a consumer we have twelve necessaries of life so we have to do with twelve groups of producers / traders / consumer associations (see below).

And in our choices we decide about seven aspects: quality (the most important), quantity, price, guarantees, form of payment, form of delivery and way of consuming. Every day we make decisions to which ‘producer’ our euro yen or dollar starts its new ‘round’. And when we ask the right questions, producers can give the right answers. So we ourselves as consumers have to work from an economy of supply and demand to an economy of question and answer!