World Conferences 2018 2019

(Source: Agenda Consumer360Academy)

20181005 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL World Teachers Day
20181210 IFOAM - International Conference Organic Farming (Oosterwolde The Netherlands)
20190122 WEF World Economic Forum (Davos Switzerland)
20190301 GABV Global Alliance for Banking in Values Annual Meeting
20190315 CONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL World Consumer Rights Day
20190320 UNITED NATIONS International Day of Happiness
20190401 WSF World Social Forum (Barcelona Spain)
20190405 CIVICUS - International Civil Society Week (Black Sea Region)
20190420 WORLDWATCH INSITUTE State of the World 2019 (Washington USA)
20190511 WFTO World Fair Trade Day
20190701 UNITED NATIONS SDG Partnership Exchange (New York USA)
20191005 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL World Teachers Day
20191101 BIEN World Congress Basic Income (New Delhi India)
20200802 IFHE World Home Economics Congress (Atlanta USA)

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